ESPS and EasyRobotics, a Danish (mobile) robot cell developer, have joined forces.

Easy RoboticsEasyRobotics delivers compact, flexible (mobile) robot cells.
The compact robot cells like the ER5 and Profeeder can easily be setup and moved between production and processing machines to increase productivity. It can be systematically expanded in three steps from production automation of small series that can be upgraded, to full automation of large production series.

All ProFeeder systems can be quickly moved to a new station with a pallet truck. Set-up is easy and quick as it only requires connection to electricity and compressed air. The system’s compact design allows it to be used with most types of processing or production machine and, as the robot arm can be fixed on three sides of the cell, application flexibility is ensured.
The ER1000 is a mobile robot station with a drive through which means the MIR500 /MIR 1000 access the station without reversing from delivery points resulting in a faster and predictable operation in the system.

EasyRobotics can be integrated into your existing production line or you can use it as a stand-alone cell in your production environment.


TypesFor Robot Arms and Mobile Robots
Robot Arm typesProfeeder, EasyDoor, ER5, EasyPalletizer
Mobile Robot typesER200, ER1000



Our robotic specialists would like to share their enthusiasm about this innovative new robotic system.

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