ESPS and GRIP joined forces.

Innovative, precise, intuitive and fast: Standardize the interface to your industrial robot or your cobot – connect and disconnect any tool within seconds.

GRIP Robots

• Standardized interface ISO9409-1
• Simple and intuitive operation
• Made of high strength aluminum or steel
• Light, robust, precise, fast, effective
• Cost effective

With our GRIP Connectors you can create an almost infinite possibility of tool connections. Connect or change grippers, polishing tools, welding heads, metering tools or calibration tips via fast intuitive operation and simple installation.

Each GRIP Connector is equipped with counterbores for direct mounting. The size and position of the counterbores are adapted to DIN EN ISO 9409-1. One connection – 1000 possibilities: Thanks to our wide range of variants and sizes, we have the right Connector for every application.



Our robotic specialists would like to share their enthusiasm about this innovative new robotic system.

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