ESPS and Mecademic, a Canadian robot developer, have joined forces.

Mecademic designs, develops and manufactures the most compact and accurate six-axis industrial
robot arms on the market. An example of such a robot is the Meca500. The first of a new category of
small industrial robots: twice as small as the smallest industrial robot on the market today. The Meca500 is a robotic system that increases the possibilities of automation and which you can control from your phone or tablet. Meca500 is currently used for a wide range of applications including precision, assembly, testing and inspection, pick and place and animal microsurgery. It serves various industry sectors such as electronics, watchmaking, pharmaceuticals, and health. Future applications
will be automotive, cosmetics, aeronautic and even entertainment.

We can integrate the Meca500 into your existing production line or you can use it as a stand-alone system in your lab.


Weight4,5 Kg
Length of robot armWhen fully extended: about 332 mm
SizeTwice as small as the smallest industrial robot
Payload500 g
Reach260 mm
Precision and path accuracy0,005 mm repeatability
Application areaFor even the most complex tasks



Our robotic specialists would like to share their enthusiasm about this innovative new robotic system.

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