ESPS and MiR, a Danish mobile robot developer, have joined forces.

MiRTransport anything anywhere with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). MiR is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. Dedicated to develop user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase their efficiency. MiR’s autonomous robots are a new generation of advanced mobile robots, which give you a rapid return on investment.
These unique, collaborative robots are used by manufacturers in a wide range of industries and sectors, to automate their in-house transportation.

Some benefits
• Install quickly and easily without changing the workplace layout.
• Can be redeployed for different tasks with various topmodules.
• Very user-friendly and is easily programmed with no prior experience needed.
• Allows employees to focus on high-value activities, not deliveries.
• Automate material handling and internal logistics.
• Enhance production flow and make significant progress.
• Safely and efficiently maneuvers around people and obstacles.
• Eliminates material flow bottlenecks to increase productivity.
• Offers fast ROI.

We can integrate the MiR into your new or existing production line or you can use it as a stand-alone system in your workplace.


ModelsMiR- 100,200,250,500 & 1000
Payloadup to 1000KG
Towing Capacityup to 500KG
Running timeup to 10 hours
Maximum Speedup to 2.0 m/s



Our robotic specialists would like to share their enthusiasm about this innovative new robotic system.

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