ESPS and ROEQ joined forces.

Get the most out of your MIR! The plug and play software and variety of useful top modules, carts, top rollers, lifters and racks let you flex the power of your MiR robots, enabling them to perform multiple tasks and workflows in your warehouse or production line easily, efficiently and safely. Safety is engineered right in, so your ROEQ solution takes care of your workers and your products and helps humans and robots work safely and efficiently together. Want to learn more? Choose your MiR robot and explore our solutions.


ROEQ modules:
• Safety for humans and products is designed right in
• Simplified programming, backed by our knowledge and experience
• Product portfolio covers every production / warehouse need
• Well-engineered, tested, proven quality materials
• Easily program each of your MiR to perform multiple tasks
• Quick implementation with standard, ready solutions
• Standard, ready solutions save on development and implementation time
• Increased productivity and efficiency with higher utilization of your MIRs

For which MiR robot suits the solution? From rollers to cart solutions, ROEQ has what you need to flex any type of MiR robot, no matter what kind of production line you have. Since ROEQ’s software has all experience and knowledge built right in, your MiR robot will be transforming your production line and your productivity in no time. Choose your MiR model or explore which ROEQ solution is right for you.


For Which TypesMiR100, MiR200, MiR250, MiR500 and MiR1000
SolutionCarts, Racks, Lifters, Top Rollers
SoftwareFast programming and auto mission setup



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